6 Times UGC ignored to answer Final year students questions.

final year students of mumbai university

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If I was dating a person as fickle-minded as the Mumbai University I would definitely say the line “It is not you it’s me, we need to break up.”

From April to August, we final year students of Mumbai University have been uncomfortable about how decisions of our exams are being thrown from one end to another.

Coronavirus is unpredictable and so is our future.

Don’t you feel students abroad have a voice that is heard and students in India are treated like  “Younge and dumb.”

I mean UGC doesn’t want final year students to even breathe around the decision of final year exams.

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1. Is India ready to go Online? – final year students ask

There are 8 lakh final year students in Mumbai awaiting 1 decision.

Never in the history of Mumbai university has there been an online final year exam.

How are students going to adapt to the proposed online exams with heavy rains, electricity cut-offs, lack of laptops, and weak mobile data?

How is Mumbai University going to conduct exams for those who have constant power cuts while simultaneously ensuring students don’t copy from their books?

Mumbai university has a record of asking questions inside the book so if unethical practices are used during exams- what are they going to do?

a. Create a new portion within a month


b. Ask mothers to monitor final year students?

final year students of mumbai university

2. If India could come up with NEP fast, why can’t we reach a final year exam decision faster?- Final year students ask.

The wait is killing us career-wise.

Final year students, who have given competitive exams don’t know what to do next-to apply to colleges or wait?

What is NEP? Click here to find out.

Students planning to go abroad don’t know what to do next -to pay tuition or to wait?

If you are wondering how to pay fees or tuition during a pandemic click here.

Students with financial problems don’t know what to do next- to get a job or wait?

Students coming from remote areas don’t know what to do next -to buy a ticket to Mumbai or to wait?

We have waited for 5 months and 11 days for a decision that is easier than COVID-19 and yet we are FACING an unfair decision by the UGC.

3. If NEP policy has smart ways to assess exams why doesn’t UGC?- final year students ask

Like many others have said let’s have 

MCQ’s based questions– Is India ready for online examinations?

Assignments– Do we email it or post it.

If post-then wouldn’t coronavirus be served on our desks?

Provisional degree– UGC states how do we give a degree without exams?

Answer: “Give to us by your sanitized hands”. 

Open book tests– How is that useful in any way unless it is a handwriting test?

 The only viable solution is the aggregate of our previous semesters or assignments.

4. Isn’t first and second-year exams as important as final year exams?- final year students ask

While first and second-year students haven’t written as many exams as final year students. 

It feels like a biased decision as every semester is important in light of educational equity

5. Are we stuck in the middle of a political power play?- final year students ask.

Is UGC seriously concerned about final year student’s exams or supporting a political party?

Both parties want a big chunk in the decision about final year exams. 

This political vendetta against each other results in 8 lakh student’s futures hanging on a thread.

Every three days, a decision is announced making it hard for final year students to keep track of what is said or done.


6. Does UGC guarantee healthcare while final year students step for exams?- final year students ask

Final year students will not hesitate to give exams if there is healthcare insurance provided by the UGC regardless of the caste, religion, or language.

If not health insurance is UGC ready to provide transportation with sanitation to each and every place in Maharashtra to pick up students?

Is UGC ready to provide staying facilities for students in remote areas who come to Mumbai to give their exams?

If UGC agreed on one of the above facilities why are students signing petitions?

Here is a table on the decision taken for final year students from April to August.


April to August

Decisions taken for final year students

March 24The lockdown was announced and exams postpone without notice.
April 1Mumbai University officially postpones exams with a student vacation from April 1st to April 14th
April 17Mumbai University sees a rise in cases and extends the vacation to May 3rd.
April 30UGC declares that all final year exams should be conducted from July 1st to July 15th
May 8Mumbai University cancels first and second-year exams.
May 14Final year students of Mumbai University sign an online petition.
May 19Maharashtra student union writes to Uddhav Thackery and Uday Samat. Udhay wrote to UGC asking to cancel exams.
May 21Pune University declare offline exams to be conducted on July 1st to July 30th
May 31Uddhav Thackery canceled exams for all final year students.
June 1ABVP was against the Maharashtra government about canceling final year exams.
June 3Governor of Maharashtra was against canceling final year exams and does not permit it.
June 4Permission to conduct final year exams was given.
June 19Udhhav Thackery and Uday Samant decide to make no-professional final year exams optional.
July 6UGC steps in and asks all universities to hold final year exams.
July 13Maharastra governments state under the disaster management Act that exams cannot be conducted in Maharastra.
July 20366 universities listen to UGC and plan to conduct exams in September.
August 1UGC appears at the Supreme court saying “Students should prepare for exams and not assume.”
August 2UGC’S Supreme court hearing was scheduled on August 10th.
August 10The hearing was postponed to August 14 due to rising cases.


To rise above difficult situations is to truly pass in life.

I agree it is difficult but Hey, at the end of the day we have a great story to tell our grandkids.

It isn’t about “Do you know how many miles I walked to get to college” It will be about “Do you know I was a graduate during a pandemic.”

That is the greater story.

Keep looking at the glass half full, my friends.

All the best.

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  1. And our grandchildren would laugh thinking we’re joking!!….. n we’ll not be able to explain them that our future was taken as a joke by the govt. at those times!!😅🙌🏻
    This article is like a subtitle for every final year students’ inner voice!!

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