5 smart tips to survive in the corporate world- A fresher’s guidebook

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As children we always wished to grow older as fast as possible, followed by trying on your mother’s clothes or daddy’s shoes. Instead, you witness a rat race.

I have been through this mumbo-jumbo and decided to spill some corporate secrets on how to survive in the corporate world.

If you are a fresher this is the right place, if you are experienced this is the right place to share notes.

While other blogs are talking about what you should do to be liked, I am talking about what you should stay away from being disliked.

Disclaimer: Corporate life is great only if you know how to survive.

to survive in the corporate world

Wait for your Big Break

Everyone gets an MBA degree to become a manager; well the disappointing thing is you have to climb the hierarchy to get there. It can be a long process for some and quicker for others.

Your marks are not helpful to help you succeed in the corporate world. There isn’t a backbencher or star student in a corporate world.

#Rule 1: To succeed in the corporate world you need to learn fast, answer right, work with confidence, and have a presence of mind. 

#Rule 2:It takes a ton of patience to get where you want to get.

#Rule 3: Some days are better than the others and some days are simply not.

#Rule 4: Not everyone will like you and that’s okay.


Suggestion to survive in the corporate world: 

Keep a specific time frame to get to a position and work for it. If you don’t get that promotion during that specific time frame do not sit around.

 Life is too short to sit around waiting to grow in a corporate world.

Financial Advice to survive in the corporate world: 

Like Mark Cuban says every employee should save 6 months of salary in his bank account. In case you have problems with your boss or your company goes bankrupt or a pandemic hits you – you always that extra cash to keep you going.

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Connections are everything 

Let me repeat connections are everything but being a boss pet isn’t. People that fake it around their boss might grow fast but also get into trouble faster.

To survive in the corporate world you need office friends that can support you when you get yelled at, cover your back when you’re late, etc.

You are on your own in the corporate world, the only way to make connections is by the gold rule “Do good to others and they will do good to you.”

Suggestion to survive in the corporate world:

You might have helped a customer solve a problem that could lead to recommendations.

You stayed late to help your friend with kids at home that could lead to an unknown vote for your promotion.

You volunteered to help your boss with a presentation that could lead to a good project.

Expect less; INVEST more in doing good it might back when you need it the most.

 Financial Advice to survive in the corporate world: 

This doesn’t mean you loan out money to your boss or colleague.

 There is a difference between paying for food and paying for debts.

Office relationship becomes bitter when you take money or give money.

corporate world

Corporate Politics are real

There are two types of people in the corporate world,

One -who has a bad corporate experience and quit.

Two -who have a bad corporate experience and know-how to weasel out of it.

One-liners for every office politics.


Listen to it never promote it.


Watch it play from far, Say “Thank you, next” when near.

In an argument:

Build connections never pick sides.

You can listen to people arguing without nodding your head.

When you hear a Gossip about yourself:

Never trace it back. Choose to ignore them.

Like viral videos on the internet; they die down faster than they started.


Be in every group never in one.


Be liked not loved. Be hated yet envied, be friends, not brothers.

Personal advice to survive in the corporate world:

 If you are stuck in corporate politics do not quit because politics is everywhere. I encourage you to learn from this and wait until the situation has died down.

Financial advice to survive in the corporate world: 

Earn money, not People. And that is how you survive in the corporate world. 

to survive in the corporate world

Learning never stops

Like Dan lok rightfully says “Learning starts after you leave college.”

Graduates who want to survive in the corporate world must understand that actual learning starts after college.

That is why I stress about internships, Intern until you understand your interests in the corporate world. 

To survive you need to be quick to learn and slow to speak.

Normal people become successful because they are humble enough to learn, excited enough to learn.

If you don’t know MS excel learn if you do know MS excel teach those who want to learn.

Solutions to survive in the corporate world:

Are you stressed, Learn music.

Are you anxious, Learn to paint.

Are you feeling small, Learn about the universe.

Financial Advice to survive in the corporate world: 

Think once to buy a book, Think twice to buy a shoe.

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Talk the Talk

There was a viral video of a blind man sitting on the street with a placard that said “I am blind” a woman walks by and changes his placard into “It is a beautiful day but I cannot see it.”

This is what you and I need to survive in the corporate world.

Instead of using negative statements use positive ones.

Instead of Saying


Sorry, I’m late .I don’t mind staying up late
You don’t understand.Let me re-frame it.
My salary hasn’t yet deposited.Can I know what is causing the delay?
I cannot do itI could give it a try.
You stole my idea    That was a great idea how did you come up with it?
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Solution to survive in the corporate world: 

Talk more to the wise less to the dumb. The wise will reason the dumb will stir conflict.


Smart Tips


Wait for your Big BreakAlways have 6 months of salary in your bank account.
Connections are everythingExpect less, Invest more.
Corporate Politics are realYou listen to people argue without nodding your head.
Learning never stopsLearning starts after you leave college
Talk the TalkThe wise reason the dumb do not.

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