About me

ruth Anugraha

Hi, I'm Ruth

I need to tell you abit about myself just so you know its a human behind this blog not a robot!


Honestly I was an average student all my life until I found a rude career counselor who shattered my childish dream of becoming a doctor. 

(I barely studied for 3 hours and wanted to become one for the money it promised) 

3 years later I am a business management graduate with a 9.65 GPA.

My CV would state a managerial position at 20 and a two year content writing experience.

I must thank my rude career counselor for matching my skills to a perfect course out there.

 I know you might be confused, anxious and going crazy over what to do ahead.

Here’s a honest blog, a really honest blog to tell you something that people won’t.

Can’t wait to see what transpires!!

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