6 hacks to study smart using social media

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After this blog, I guarantee you could study on social media using a combination of non-boring study hacks.

Tried and Tested: I have used a few of these smart study hacks myself and boy did it blow my mind.

What is “study smart” in Indian culture?

You could hear Indian parents say ” Use the phone to study and you will pass”. Sarcastically.

Having an app lock or calling a friend at midnight is a taboo in brown culture but is found extremely hilarious online.

effective study tips

Benefits of social media for students


First -social media is very engaging, unlike a history professor with a monotonous voice that makes you fall asleep.
Second- a student has the opportunity to execute the way he wants to learn without teacher prompts.
Third -Who doesn’t want to act like a know-it-all over twitter.

ways to study smart

Watch a Movie -effective study tips.

Social media used: Instagram and google search

I am not bluffing many colleges do give movie assignments to students based on the topic they are studying.

For example, my sister had a topic in psychology called imprinting behaviors to which we watched a movie called “fly away home”.

We later discussed the kind of imprints we saw throughout the movie so if she missed a point I got that one and vice 

Check out a list of Netflix shows that are educational.

Experts suggest that the best way to study a foreign language is to watch a movie or listen to songs.


Ways to study smart

Step one: Put up a story on Instagram or search online for a movie that is based on your subject.

People on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are movie fanatics, they wouldn’t mind suggesting one.

Optional step: You could cross-check with your professor or teacher if this movie is relevant to your subject.

Step two: Pick a movie based on your subject. Even if you find it is in a different language. 

It is counted as an effective learning method as it opens your mind to things you wouldn’t have noticed before.

Step three: After the movie is over take up pointers that you noticed is relevant to your subject or discuss it with your friend. 

Optional step: You could watch it with a friend or a sibling to get additional pointers.

smart study

DM an ex-student/alumni-effective study tips.

Social media used: Instagram or google search

This is very useful when you are looking to apply to a college or want to run for college elections.

Ex-students love it when juniors DM them asking for help.

Before you enroll yourself in a college or a course, do not forget to do a thorough background check. 

This way you won’t waste money on the wrong college and also understand a student’s perspective on the do’s and dont’s.

Get to know more about your college culture, teaching style, and dorm rooms. Inside knowledge is always helpful.

Ask the consumer, not the seller.

Ways to study smart

Step one: Search on the college using Instagram.

Step two: Check the tags or hashtags

Step three: As you scroll down these pictures look for someone who has an approachable face and dm them.

Step four: To not sound like a creep start by saying,

Hi, I was looking for an alumni’s opinion before I enroll in so and so college. Would you be interested in giving me a few insights?

effective study tips

Write a blog on boring topic-effective study tips.

Social media used: Instagram & Bloggers

The best use of social media is to blog on a boring topic.

With images, info-graphics, and videos you could write a blog for yourself while gaining traffic from similar readers.

Use a blogger’s account to set up a free blog or just a long Instagram caption.

It feels great when you are not traditionally studying yet creatively researching on a topic.

Add a pie chart to break down your explanation or edit a small video to explain a sub-topic.

It is a smart study hack as you help yourself and people online to understand the textbook version .

Who knows this could be your potential career someday.

Ways to study smart

 It is a two in one advantage; drive traffic to your blog while studying smart.

ways to study smart

Use the poll to help decide-effective study tips.

Social media used: Twitter or Instagram.

Don’t you find it brain wrecking to decide on a research topic.

If influencers can dress up using Instagram poll you could study using instagram poll.

Are you worried about looking like a nerd just add an emoji to your poll.

Carrots for science and a multiplication sign for algebra.

Ways to study smart

By putting up a poll, your followers can help you decide and giving you the thrill to complete your task.

After you finish the task attach a picture on Instagram or reward yourself with Netflix.

smart study

Video record the study session-effective study tips.

Social media used: YouTube or video camera

The best way to use social media effectively -Is to record yourself studying or upload it by including study motivation tags on YouTube.

I do know a small niche of people who love to watch study motivation videos, you could film it with a timestamp or add a time-lapse.

There is no pressure to post it online as simply recording it encourages you to understand the number of times get distracted or the maximum hours you can study in a day.

This benefits you to know your study patterns and incorporate what works best.

Ways to study smart

Recording yourself motivates you.

Posting it online motivates others.

effective study tips

Scroll study-effective study tips.

Social media used: Pinterest and Reddit.

Pinterest is most desirable for its graphics and tips by presenting a crucial piece of information in just 3 lines.

Pinterest can make statistics humorous and history a meme.

 Reddit has good threads to follow wherein you can find people with similar interests.

Ways to study smart

1. Search your topic on Pinterest or Reddit.

2. Save the pins or follow a thread.

3. Check out comments on the posts.

You might find a few wise commenters.

4. Create a pin on Pinterest or engage in a discussion on Reddit.


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