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10.1 ways to pay college fees NOW during a pandemic 2020

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You can pay college fees by enrolling in a government-aided college or study online to get a degree.
In India, you also have student bonds during which the institute pays college tuition on a condition of signing a work contract for 2 or more years.

  1. Look for government-aided colleges
  2. Online Degrees
  3. Caste certificate
  4. Student Bond Agreements
  5. Internships or work and study
  6. Get good marks to pay college tuition
  7. Write to your college about your situation
  8. Scholarships to pay college fess
  9. Cut off unnecessary expenses
  10. In-college students only
  11. (Point.1) Personal Note from the Writer

college tuition

I bet you are wondering about how to pay college fees just like I did in the beginning.

Questions like How to pay college fees? If I take loans then how do I pay  college tuition? Without parent’s support How to pay college fees?  

Let me tell you the answer right away.

Do not worry this blog is written for your anxious minds.

Look for government-aided colleges

To answer this question: how to pay college fees? 

India does have a lot of government-aided colleges that provide quality education.

The college fees will cost you less from 5,000 rupees to 2,000 rupees sometimes even 800 rupees. The college fees can also differ by the subject you pick.

 A bachelor in Arts will cost you less college tuition than an engineering degree’s college tuition.

The alternative for expensive college tuition for an engineering degree is a diploma degree or a degree online. 

college fees

Online Degrees

If you have ever taken an online class on platforms like udemy , Coursera , bijus or skillshare  you might be familiar with how online classes work. Online learning is cheaper and updated.

For example, if you want to earn an MBA but don’t have enough money,you might get a 1 lakh college fee reduced to 15, 000 rupees through distant online learning.

Plus the degree could be from any reputed college around the world.

Isn’t that exciting! 

I would really suggest Coursera as I have personally used it. 

college tuition

Caste certificate

If you have ever studied in an Indian school you know what I am talking about. A caste certificate is a proof of being in a particular scheduled caste that comes with certain government aid.

 Most importantly it helps to cut down your college fees in a government-aided college or a few private colleges.

Make sure you produce a valid and renewed caste certificate.

Student Bond Agreements

You can get your college fees paid by a bank or an institute but on the condition of you paying them back as soon as you graduate and get a job.

Medical students and nurses have a lot of these student bonds in India.

I know about it as my mom was a student bond. 

Since she was studying to be a nurse and finally graduated, her bond required her to work for that same hospital for 2 or 3 years on a small monthly stipend.

The work was hard, overtime, and the salary peanuts but in the end, her college fees were completely paid off without a debt.


college fees

Internships or work and study

There is no shame in working and studying like the phrase kill two birds with one stone. 

You get a monthly salary or stipend that could help pay college fees in small amounts. 

I do not encourage taking loans as the interest is higher than fixed college tuition.

Internships are specifically for students who work and study to pay off college fees.

Few jobs like sales, content writing, and social media marketing are flexible jobs that you can manage after college or from home.

Pro tip: If you get a part-time work from home job. Do not leave the place until you have a contract with your boss.

This contract helps you collect payment on time as a lot of businesses out there too lazy to pay freelancers.

I have written a paragraph on internships click here.

Get good marks

I am an average student and if you tell me this is a hard way I agree. 

I am talking to those 5% hardworking Indian students.

You can apply for competitive exams like JEE, CET, UPSC, etc, or just study hard for your board exams just do not pressure yourselves to stress; like I said there are many ways to pay college tuition.

college fees

Write to your college about your situation

If you got into a good college and by the first or second year you face a financial crisis with no way out.

 Write a letter to your college stating the reasons, they may waive off extra college tuition or give you permission to pay in small installments to pay your college fees.



I don’t know why teachers at Indian schools talk less about scholarships while we pay college fees.

Trust me various government scholarships work out well. 

Some scholarships don’t even need your great marks to pay for college fees. 

Let me warn you that applying for scholarships online will need hours of research and filling out applications. 

For international scholarships click here.

For national scholarships click here. 

college tuition

Cut off unnecessary expenses 

Colleges can add a few unnecessary expenses like a gym or field trips while you pay college fee .

I barely see a parent or student asking the admission department about why I pay this when I am sure I won’t need these facilities.

Some might find it embarrassing. Let me tell you it is a consumer’s right to know about what they are paying for?


In-college students only 

I remember recently one of my students had a worried look on her face over how to pay college fees. 

She studied in the same school all her life now her school also had an undergraduate college affiliation. If you have the exact same case you are in luck.

You don’t have to worry about admission as seats are reserved for In-college students.

You could pay college fees at a lesser cost or ask your college to reduce college tuition.

C’mon, you deserve an extra cut to pay college fees for your loyalty.

365 student days

Personal Note from the Writer

(The point 1 from the 10.1 mentioned on the heading of this blog) 

Everyone might have money problems during a pandemic. Yet I personally encourage you to not lose heart and apply for higher education.

Let us thrive together during these difficult times. 

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